DEMENTOR (SK) The Church Dies + Morbid Infection Official LP – TBA
SARCASTIC TERROR (Grc) The Last Act Of Subsidence (EP + Demo) Official LP – TBA
MONASTYR (Pol) Never Dreaming + Cannibal Rites Official DLP – TBA
UNCANNY (Swe) Transportation to the Uncanny / Nyktalgia / Split LP tracks Official MC – TBA
EXOTO (Bel) And Then You Die Official LP – TBA
INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME (Bel) and Darkness Drowned the Land Divine + 1 Official CD / LP – TBA
INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME (Bel) Prophecy of Doom + Our Path is Dark and Lonely… Official CD / LP – TBA
DISABUSE (NOCTURN) (Nl) Sorrow and Perdition + Bonus tracks Official LP – TBA
CRUCIFORM (Aus) Atavism / Paradox Official LP – TBA
GOD FORSAKEN (Fin) Dismal Gleams of Desolation Official Reissue CD – TBA
MORBIUS (USA) The Shades Below Official MC – TBA
SUPURATION (Fra) Promo ’91 – Official CD – TBA
COHORT (Aus) Drawn and Quartered / Near Death Experience Demo 1994 Official CD / 2LP – TBA
CRIPPLE (Swe) Green Pillow + Demos Official 2CD / 2LP – TBA
PSYCHRIST (Aus) The Abysmal Fiend / Demo 1992 Official CD / LP – TBA
MOLESTED (Nor) Stormvold + Demos – Official Reissue CD / DLP – TBA
CHASTISEMENT (Swe) …But Lost We Are Official LP – TBA
CHASTISEMENT (Swe) Alleviation of Pain + 2 Official CD – TBA
GRAVESTONE (Ita) Simphony of Pain + bonus track Official LP – TBA
CINERATOR (Den) Centuries of Silence + Demos Official 2CD / 2LP – TBA
CASTLE (NL) Castle + Demos – Official CD / LP – TBA
AGGRESSOR (EE) Procreate the Petrifactions / Demo 1991 Official CD / LP – TBA
AGGRESSOR (EE) Of Long Duration Anguish Official CD / LP – TBA
BETRAYER (Nor) World of Chaos + Bonus tracks Official CD / LP – TBA
MENDACITY (USA) Imprisonment / Atrocity Reflected Demo Official CD / LP – TBA
AFFLICTION (USA) The Damnation of Humanization + Peace Through Violence Demo Official CD / DLP – TBA
FORMICIDE (US) Demo-logy 1987-1989 (A Tribute to Eric Stevenson) Official LP – TBA
DETEST (Den) Dorval + DeathBreed demo tracks Official 2LP – TBA
MANDATOR (Hol) Initial Velocity Official Official LP – TBA
MANDATOR (Hol) Perfect Progeny Official LP – TBA
BELSEBUB (Swe) Discography / SALVATION (Swe) Carnage Remains / MORBIDITY (Swe) The Curse Official CD / LPs – TBA
CREEPER (USA) Creeper Official CD / LP – TBA
IMMORTALIS (Ger) Indicium de Mortuis Official CD / LP – TBA
LUSTRATION (Den) Urges + Divine Deception Official CD / LP – TBA
EXCRUCIATE (Swe) Mutilation of the Past + bonus track Official LP / MC – TBA
EXCRUCIATE (Swe)Passage of Life Official Reissue CD / LP – TBA
INFERNAL DEATH (DK) Demo # 1 + A Mirror Blackened Official DLP – TBA
BLOODSTONE (Swe) Hour of the Gate Official Reissue LP / MC – TBA
FUNERAL (Nor) Tristesse Official Reissue CD – TBA
FUNERAL (Nor) Tragedies Official Reissue CD – TBA
EXCRUCIATION (CH) Prophecy of Immortality + Demos Official 2CD / 2LP – TBA
MISERY (Aus) A Necessary Evil Standard Edition Official Reissue LP – TBA
AGRETATOR (Swe) Delusions + Bonus tracks Official DLP – TBA
AGRETATOR (Swe) Distorted Logic + Demo tracks Official LP – TBA
PERSECUTION (Aus) Tortured Existence + bonus tracks Official LP – TBA
DARK (CZ) Sex ‘N’ Death + Zlá Krev Official reissue 2LP – TBA
AGONIZE (Den) Fall / Promo Demo 1993 Official LP – TBA
TÖRR (CZ) Armageddon + Bonus tracks Official CD / LP – TBA
TÖRR (CZ) Institut Klinické Smrti Official CDs / LP – TBA
WARGASM (USA) What Are You Afraid Of? (Suicide Notes) Official CD / LP – TBA
WARGASM (USA) Rawgasm Official CD – TBA
ACCESSORY (Ger) Within Your Mind + Demos Official DLP – TBA
DISSONANCE (Svk) Look to Forget + bonus tracks Official LP – TBA
GASP (US) Sore For Days Official LP – TBA
BETRAYER (Aus) Grandma / Older Than God Official 2LP – TBA
TERRAHSPHERE (USA) Third In Order Of The Sun / Externally Scarred Official DLP – TBA
APOPLEXY (Slo) Monarchy of Damned Official LP – TBA
RUPTURE (USA) Demo 1992 Official CD / LP – TBA
DECEMBER WOLVES (USA) Completely Dehumanized COMPLETE Official LP – TBA
UNDERCROFT (Chile) Twisted Souls Official LP – TBA
PUTRID OFFAL (Fra) Premature Necropsy Official LP – TBA
USURPER (NL) Divine Spiritual and Intellectual Development + Demos Official DLP – TBA
ANATOMY (Aus) Twisting Depths of Horror + Demos Official DLP – TBA
ANACRUSIS (USA) Annihilation Complete Official LP – TBA
ABSU (USA) …And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh…Official Reissue 7″ EP – TBA
AUTHORIZE (Swe) The Source of Dominion Official Reissue CD / DLP – TBA
MANGLED TORSOS (Ger) Drawings of the Dead / Anatomia Reformata Official DLP – TBA
SUPURATION (Fra) Incubation – Official LP – TBA
SUPURATION (Fra) Still in the Sphere – Official LP – TBA
TENEBRIS (Pol) The Odious Progress / Solitude Official CD / LP – TBA
TENEBRIS (Pol) Only Fearless Dreams / Mesmerized Official CD / LP – TBA
SACRED SIN (PT) Darkside Official LP /font> – TBA
THERGOTHON (Fin) Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth Official Reissue LP – TBA
AS SERENITY FADES / AUGUST MOON (Fin) Earthborn + Lowering Sunset / Rosegardens Official Split CD – TBA
ASTHAROTH (Pol) Gloomy Experiments + Demos Official reissue 2CD / DLP – TBA
CRYPT OF KERBEROS (Swe) World of Myths Official Reissue LP – TBA
CRYPT OF KERBEROS (Swe) TBA Official Album 2019 LP – TBA
SIGH (Jpn) Imaginary Sonicscape Official Reissue Gatefold 2LP set – TBA
THE CHOIR OF VENGEANCE (Swe) The Choir of Vengeance Official LP – TBA
MOURNING SIGN (Swe) Last Chamber / Alienor Official LP – TBA
EINHERJER (Nor) Far Far North Official MLP – TBA
EINHERJER (Nor) Odin Owns Ye All Official LP – TBA
SPINA BIFIDA (NL) Ziyadah / Symphony of Indictment Official DLP – TBA
A CANOROUS QUINTET (Swe) Land of the Lost Unreleased 1996 Official MLP – TBA
A CANOROUS QUINTET (Swe) The Only Pure Hate Official LP – TBA
SIGH (Jpn) The Eastern Force Of Evil Live ’92-’96 / To Hell and Back: Tribute to Venom ’95 Official Gatefold 2-LP set – TBA