“Ted. Albums arrived! They look so killer. Great job man! Really impressed. can’t wait to have a listen on the weekend. Thanks again! “

– John “Thorous” Bosman – Deteriorate

“GREAT work from your side !!! I’m very satisfied with the whole result !!! I hope that you’re satisfied also from the final result like me. To be honest I’m very pleased with that release which include the whole history of SARCASTIC TERROR (so far).
Really appreciate your support !!!
Thanks again for the time that you spend for the SARCASTIC TERROR.”

– Jordan Anastasiadis – Sarcastic Terror

“Just got the package! Thank you! Absolutely fantastic!!!!.”

– Andy Renggli – Much Music / Excruciation

“So I just got home and cracked open the boxes. I am very impressed and very proud and very pleased! It’s an incredible package and an great value for 12 bucks, truly outstanding! The front cover looks amazing on the booklet.”

– Bob Mayo / Wargasm

“Got the vinyl and they look great man, really pleased. Wish I could play the fucking thing ha. Great job mate.”

– Damon Robinson / Misery

“Thanks Ted, awesome work once again, your attention to detail and professionalism is much appreciated. Looks and sounds awesome. Hails for breathing life back into so many hidden relics from yesteryear. \m/.”

– Scott Edgar / Misery

“hey ted, they look great. nice work. thanks”

– Dennis Gergely / I.N.C.

“Really good work! I’m very happy Ted! Thanks so much… I managed to get the band complete to make this picture, It’s the first time since 1993! Thanks for making it happen Ted!

From left to right: Sweick, Bongo, Uli, Miguel, Ery.
Thanks again Ted.”

– Bongo / Necrophiliac

“Received the vinyl today!! Looks excellent!!!!! Thank you!!! \m/”

– Antonio Andre / TIMEGHOUL

“Well, Ted, you nailed it PERFECTLY!!! The vinyls sound amazing, the ayout is killer,
Great, great job – I can only hope that many other bands benefit from your dedication.”

– Asmus Thomsen / SACRIFICIAL

“I just recieved the vinyls… They look amazing!! Notice the original painting and drawing on the wall!”

– Morten Nissen / TRECHOMA RECORDS

“Yet another PERFECT release brother!!! I couldn’t pic out a flaw to save my life man, seriously… Keep up the amazing work as if you weren’t gonna do it anyway! -Kill ’em all”

– “Putrid” Matt Carr / Illustrator (Fulmination cover)

“I received them. The layout is even better than I could have imagined – great job.
I even got the ones with the “white splatter”. I played them through my turntable setup
and forgot it was even on vinyl – brand new, no scratches. Once I get the cds and additional shirts Matt sent this week I will take all of these goodies and drive deep into the woods to deliver them to Jeff. I should bring a hidden camera to film his reaction when he checks out the vinyl. Cheers!”

– Gordon Blodgett / Timeghoul

“I received the boxes with the vinyls yesterday and they looks really awesome!
Old School like an democassette but on a vinylsleeve. ;D
Thanx again for releasing this and for your patience hehe…”

– Johan Jansson / Fulmination

“Hi Ted, the lp’s are in my possesion. They are awesome!!!! You did a great job.
Thanx and keep up the good work!!! Cheers”

– Tom Palms / Phlebotomized

“Back in 1991 when we recorded our first demo, who could possibly think of the absurd idea that 21 years later a record label would release that demo on vinyl? Thanks Ted and The Crypt Records for being a true voice of the underground, this release holds the flag of stinking rotten death metal high, waving it proud! Keep up the great work my friend and a sincere thank you for this great release!”

– Mattias Borgh / Embryo

“Ted, Got the LP’s today and I’m really happy with them mate so thanks for a top job!!! Revel in Blasphemy ^..^”

– Damon Robinson / Misery

“YEEEEESSSSS today they arrived!!! Thank you sooo much my friend!!!!.
As they say: worth waiting for. I appreciate it as much as you and I hope to meet up with Peter and Steve from Stigmata soon so we can shoot a nice photo.”

– Mattias Parkkila / Stigmata

“Got ’em today man! What can I say? Another incredible release. Packaging reminds me of some old ancient tome. The sound is absolutely MASSIVE at 45rpm. It’s definately going to ruin some people’s stereo systems!! This release is so incredible my hands practically shake when I hold it!! Ultra salutations, praise and thanks for helping us get these releases out and making them the best they can be. Cheers to you! Metal Never Bends!!”

– Mike Perun / Cianide

“Everything arrived here in brilliant condition. Very excited about the GEHENNA box. Loved how you made a proper box out of it – so cool….
And it was nice to see the HEAD NOT FOUND logo on it too, not really an overly nostalgic guy but I must say I was quite touched by that……
So thank you for these awesome releases”

– Jon Kristiansen (Metalion) / Slayer Magazine editor / Head Not Found label founder

“Got the vinyls today, they are awesome!!! The box is awesome, can’t wait for the new Absu box though. Will it outdo First Spell? Not in my eyes of course, haha! “

– Steffen Simenstad (Dolgar) / GEHENNA

“I’ve got them. really great work. Thanks!”

– Peter Blackosh / ROOT

“Hi Ted, got the LPs. Looks perfect! And yes, we’re going to enjoy this great Hell Symphony release now! Your label rules actually with this killer Hell Symphony – love the sizes man – Nocturnal, Evil, Infernal, Eternal!” “

– Igor Hubik / ROOT

“Working with Ted Tringo and The Crypt has been one of the most pleasurable, yet professional experiences in my musical career. The re-release of Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L is overwhelmingly mind blowing, as I thoroughly enjoyed putting in the extra time to make this vinyl box set a reality. Trust me: this journey is to be continued

– Proscriptor Mcgovern / ABSU

“They just arrived and once again, thank you VERY MUCH Ted! You are a genuine champion! They are all shrink-wrapped and as a bonus, they all feature outer protectant sleeves as well. They are simply astounding! Thank you again!”

– Proscriptor Mcgovern / ABSU

“News Bulletin: The box sets just arrived at my residence and let me tell you:

I think you are going to be very extremely pleased with the outcome of this one Ted!
I cannot thank you enough for everything and will always, yet perpetually cherish all of these releases on The Crypt!!!” 

– Proscriptor Mcgovern / ABSU

“Looks awesome, Ted! Very happy with the final outcome. Was great working with you on this project”

– Samoth / Thou Shalt Suffer

“I got them!! Awesome stuff! Great work buddy!”

– Jonas Stålhammar / Abhoth / Utumno

“Amazing, pal!!Looks absolutly awesome!!!!Totally love it!”

– Anders Eek / Funeral

“I did get them and they are amazing! Can’t wait to hear the feedback about these. Keep up the great work.”

– Brian Llapitan / N.M.E.

“Got the vinyls a few hours ago! Looks amazing, can’t wait to listen to it later tonight!! THANX MATE !!  Cheers!!!”

– Martin Schulman / CENTINEX

“Hi My friend!!! Got the vinyls today!! Really brilliant work my friend!!!

– Hempa Brynolfsson / EXCRUCIATE

“Got ’em about a half hour ago. Well I just got done jamming TDT (album only, not the demos yet) and MAN, sure sounds ANALOGY!! Peaks and valleys abound. Hats off to Mr. John Alexander. Vinyl brings out alot more boy. A LOT.
Hearing shit that I never heard before, even from John’s CD version. Particularly the vocals on FUNERAL. Damn. The gold splatter on black is really cool too. Subtle and almost kinda creepy if you look at it wrong… “

– Mike Perun / Cianide

“Hello Ted, Just received the LPs. As usual, it is amazing!! Poster looks great.
Thanks a lot!!! Cheers”

– Mirai Kawashima / SIGH

” Ted many thanks for this amazing release!!!”

– AntropomorphiA

“This morning the album arrived and what can i say besides, what an amazing great ff-ing job!! I don’t believe i’ve ever been more proud of something we got out there into the world.
Again thank you for an amazing job. Cheers”

– Ferry Damen / AntropomorphiA

“Many Thanks for The vinyls! Fantastic & and i love the big poster” 

– Linus Nirbrant / A CANOROUS QUINTET

“Thanks again Ted, this release is really mind-blowing; both your dedication and professionalism truly are represented in everything here; colors, pictures, layout, print quality, et cetera. It warms our hearts to finally have -after 17 years- these five August Moon songs officially in physical form for the first time, and in addition, on vinyl! Let´s keep the underground and death metal alive and well! Take care! “

– Mikko Sorja / AUGUST MOON

“Got the vinyls!!! And, no surprise, they look fantastic!!! Hope you make at least enough profit from these to buy yourself a bottle of Champagne (or whatever else you prefer), you have earned it!!! Morten (Sanrabb) was just here to pick up his copies, his first reaction was: Ted should do ALL our vinyls! So he is very pleased as well. I was able to take the photo with Sarcana, she obviously has not done any “public” photos since the Malice-sessions.” 

– Steffen Simenstad (Dolgar) / GEHENNA

“I have received the LP, it is definitely excellent!! It’s really gorgeous box. Thanks a lot!!!”

– Mirai Kawashima / SIGH

“Wow Ted, I am a loss for words, they look fantastic!!!! Great work man, great work.
Thank you for this re-release…brilliant!!!

– Ray Heflin (Equitant) / ABSU

“Alrighty, the albums popped up over here today! I´m totally excited over this release! They´re just awesome! Thanx a million lots! All the best!”

– Max Thornell / FURBOWL

“just arrived from a little trip. they got here when i was away and i actually opened a box a few min ago. it looks fantasic and the big poster going up on the wall:) you´ve done a very very good job. thanx so much!! can´t wait to show it to the rest of the guys. the shirts have arrived as well. niiiiiiiice!!”

– Fred Norrman / UNCANNY

“Ted, Congratulations on your excellent LP packaging. It looks enigmatic and is something special. Thank you for including me. If you have any need for other art let me know. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. The posters are terrific, the detail it superb and I hope you are as happy with them as I am. I’m so impressed with what you’ve done.
Take care, Tom”

– Tom Sullivan / Illustrator (The Call of Cthulhu poster / CRYPT OF KERBEROS – World of Myths LP cover)

“I was at Peter’s studio yesterday to pick up some boxes. Some very beautiful boxes! Holy crap Mr. Tringo! These are stunning! Who would have thought that I would live to see my old sins turned into something so beautiful!!! THANKS!!! Take care, stay in touch and hope we meet sooner or later!!! Your friend, Mattias “

– Mattias Borgh / CRYPT OF KERBEROS

“I just got home from my vacation and here were five boxes waiting for me!! WOW!!!! I LOVE it!!!! It must have cost a fortune to manufacture!? I hope you’ll get your money back. It’s massive!!! I’m so glad I decided to let you release this box. No other label would have done this better than you!! Thanks so much for this, Ted. 😀 // Peter”

– Peter Bjärgö / CRYPT OF KERBEROS

“Howdy! I got it, and I love it! Even Benny (Whom I haven’t spoken to in like 10 years) called me and said thanx!! He was overwhelmed by the whole release! Super-Pro package! A milestone in my metal collection!
Thanx and good luck with all ~ Dan!”

– Dan Swanö / PAN.THY.MONIUM

“We are absolutely amazed. The work you have done is beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you SO much for your effort,
time and enthusiasm put into this project. Once again – THANKS!”

– Niklas Hagen / EPITAPH

“I can only agree with Nicke. We opened the package together and saw the boxes for the first time today. The artwork is really great!
Cool with the relief tin foil box and with generous package including a poster etc. Amazing!
Here’s a photo of us displaying the covers. All the best.”

– Manne Svensson / EPITAPH

“I wholeheartedly agree with the other guys. Talk about a generous package indeed!
Best headbanging regards, “

– Johann Enoksson / EPITAPH

“You have done a great job. I look forward to put a Authorize T-shirt on me!!!!”

– Jörgen Paulsson / AUTHORIZE

“I received the LPs this morning. They’re amazing!! I’m surpirsed that they’re very heavy. Thanks a lot!!!”

– Mirai Kawashima / SIGH

“Got vinyls – KILLER JOB MAN! Mainly these grey ones rule! Also cover and poster look really well. Hope to have another releases on your label anyway. Thanx a lot for cooperation. You guys do a good job – we are open to cooperate with you in the future again. People simply love this masterpiece!!!!”

– Igor Hubik / ROOT

“Package´s arrived yesterday, all the credit to finnish customs servise.
Records looks awesome and shirts and etc. So thanks again a lot. Keep in contact.”

– Harri Salo / PURTENANCE

“I got the package today my friend! I’m really proud over the result !! Thanx my friend! KILLER RELEASE !!! And the poster is amazing! Great artwork! I can’t stop looking at the VINYLS…..ha ha ha
You’re the best! It have really been a pleasure working with you!”

– Hempa Brynolfsson / EXCRUCIATE

“The packaging is just incredible… amazing the cover artwork, great choice of the vinyl colour according to the colour cover. The embossed EPITAPH cover is total cult. Probably the best one of the whole package. It’s really COOL for me to see me on the ‘credits’ on your stuff.
Thanks a lot I’m proud to enlight the swedish tunes!!!


“Hi Ted!!! Thank you very much for all the great releases! It’s always like my birthday when I receive a package. Real dedication! Next releases are on the way, can’t wait for it! Cheers!”

– Damiano Fedeli (Nihilo)

“Thanks a lot the record rules. Thanks to you bro i was in your site this morning,
think im now in your list i support your label to death!!!!”


“I would like to say THANK YOU to both of you for this beautiful LP record. For me is to have UTUMNO LP like for someone winning in lottery 1000 USD/Euro.
This is fulfilled dream of every death metal listener. I still don’t believe my eyes that the record
Many greetings again to you and deep respect to your great job! I am honour that you still keep my photo testimony on your page – i am proud to be first one 🙂 (utumno)
i just one to say that i am still buying your releases because they are simply the best death metal re-editions in whole world!
attached some photos …
Find attached photo for this special occasion I put very old t-shirt on me, coming from old good times!!! I wish you great success with your future projects! You keep the old spirit still alive.”

– Marek Jakubec / SLOVAKIA